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What do you do when your date doesn't put effort into planning?

Updated: 5 days ago

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what to do when you're date doesn't put effort into planning

Background –

I’ve been chatting with a guy I matched with on a dating app for a few weeks and we agreed to meet for our first day. He lives on the other side of our large city from me and he suggested we meet for coffee at a place in his neighbourhood. He knows which part of town I live in, and transiting there isn’t an issue (we both down have cars), but it’s that I feel he’s not putting effort into this date. What do I do?


Answer –

Was this his first suggestion and you agreed to it and since then, now have this come up for you? If so, this is easily to navigate, even if you’ve already agreed to it. Message him and say you’re still into meeting up but wondering if there’s a place somewhere in the middle where you guys can meet and see what he says and how he responds. If he’s easygoing, mature and truly interested in meeting you, he’ll put forth a suggestion for a place that works for both of you. If he’s anything but that, such as gives an excuse, acts as though it’s an imposition etc, then that’s a character reveal of who he is and it’ll give you some data on whether you’re really wanting to meet him and go all that way to do so.

If timing for him on that day doesn’t work for a closer location, don’t fret, all is not lost, you can always plan to meet at a closer location another day. Again, if he’s truly interested, this shouldn’t be a hassle or imposition for him and he’ll want to find a time and location that works for you. Most, if not all, things are figure-out-able.

Best of luck!

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