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Are you stuck in your current 9-5, unsure of what your next move is? Are you bouncing from job-to-job in hopes the next one will be different than the last, only to find patterns repeating themselves? Every Monday, we post a new article on the current themes and events to do with the workplace climate. 

Find all of your pressing topics in our library. 

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Every Wednesday, we bring you a new fresh take on how to live your best life! Comprised of short essay-style musings, each week we bring you a fresh set of inquiry-based questions to support you in reflection on those areas in your own life to enhance your health and wellbeing.

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Dating In the city

Every Friday we post an answer to your dating and relationship questions. Need advice on how to navigate the ups and downs of a committed relationships? We've got you covered! Need advice on what to do if someone ghosts you? We've got that too! By using proven psychological and coaching techniques to cut through the bs of dating and relationships to support you with all your dating questions!

Dating in the City blog
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