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Kaley Evans

Meet Kaley ...

From corporate drop out to lifestyle entrepreneur, popular public speaker, long-distance athlete, and an inspiration to people worldwide as a master of reinvention and example of courageous and healthy living. Having studied sociology and psychology at the University of Victoria, Kaley is a 30-something Millennial who's also a Canadian writer and journalist who specializes in socio-cultural topics and personal development. 


In 2021, Kaley became a journalist, public relations specialist, and a certified coach from accredited institutions.


Picking up from where her certifications left off, Kaley infuses verified content with humor to bring you themes that are often overlooked and under-appreciated in our world, served alongside of insight and value her readers can take with them. 


In addition, Kaley has completed 4 half marathons and five 10km races in Canada, all while raising money and awareness for various causes in the process. Collectively, she has completed over 500km in races, and thousands of kilometers training.


But what makes Kaley unique is that prior to her remarkable athletic achievements, she hadn’t even run one race, let alone attempt to begin by running a half marathon.


Although she began her running career as a competitive dancer in the early 2000s, Kaley’s running career was slide-lined for many years until a car accident in 2014 – an accident in which left her with moderate to severe soft tissue injuries and a concussion -- catapulted her on the health trajectory she’s on today. Side-lined for close to two years for the healing process, she foresaw a lifestyle change was looming in her near future.


It was a moment of reinvention.


In the months immediately preceding her turning point moment, Kaley overhauled her diet by being gluten-free to appease her celiac disease, becoming a dedicated vegetarian, returned to the gym, and laced up her running shoes and hitting the pavement. It didn’t take long after this lifestyle change that Kaley also changed her career and set her sights on running a half marathon – her first competitive solo race. Two years after that first start, she has successfully completed several races ranging from 10km to half marathons. 


In 2016, Kaley swapped her idyllic life on Vancouver Island for city life in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Despite several setbacks in her first three years, she continued to pursue a career in the corporate world while channelling the lessons learned through those setbacks to help and inspire others while spurring change through her writing and coaching. 


Kaley’s work and experiences have been featured in CBC news, and other publications including print and online. 


When she isn’t writing, running, speaking, or spending time with her friends and family, you can find her on in the mountains of the Northshore Mountains or on one of the many beaches of Vancouver.

Kaley Evans


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