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things don’t change until we begin to change first.

A good friend and I were talking the other day about how a lot of people’s approach to change is that they’ll change once they have what they want – when they get that job, that relationship, that number on the scale. All the while, feeling the burn of frustration when they get a taste of their desires, only to have become fleeting. Reminding us of our attempts and failures.


But what if we changed before we get our desires? What if we decided to behave like the person we want to become now? To start that workout routine, those new hobbies, upgrade those skills to land that job. When we move into the frequency of what we want to become and out of the frequency of what we’ve become accustomed to, the thing that we want is more likely to stick around if our frequency matches its frequency.  


It's like when we go on a road trip to a place we haven’t been before. The first thing we do is enter the destination’s address into the GPS, which then provides the road map to that new destination. And just like our GPS, our new paths in life require that we first enter the destination and take those the actionable steps to move us closer to it.


Because things don’t change until we begin to change first.

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