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10 Things I’ve Learned to Have Healthy Relationships

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Communicate your dating intentions early on

Invest the same amount of energy into them as they do into you

Speak up for your boundaries and to negative behaviour

Walk away if the disrespect continues

Actions speak louder than words

Trust the actions more than the words

Invest the same amount of energy into them s they do into you

Learn to walk away when their investment in you is consistently lower than your investment in them

Relationships are not the end-all-be-all happily-ever-after rom-coms tell us

Relationships are about two people sharing and creating their lives together, not saving one another

Situationships rarely transition into committed relationships regardless of the energy you invest trying to convince the other to commit

Speak up early if that’s not what you’re looking for, otherwise accept it for what it is

People ghost for reasons that have little to nothing to do with you

It says more about their inability to process their emotions and communicate them effectively than it does about you

Dating others when you haven't dealt with the previous heartbreak only leads to bypassing the inevitable pain and prevents you from moving on

The only way out is through, otherwise you’re only creating more heartache and pain that compounds on top of the pre-existing heartache

Changing our partner rarely works out the way we intend it to

If you’re trying to change your partner into the ideal imagine of them you have in your mind, it will backfire

If there’s an issue with their behavior, address it compassionately and directly to find a solution together

Keeping our options open only leads to further disappointment and missed opportunities for meaningful connections

In this day and age of dating apps and endless swiping, so are our options for potential matches.

Focus on your non-negotiables, focus on cultivation with those who are compatible with them and be okay with knowing you’re content with what you have in the moment

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