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In this season of life….

Updated: Apr 10

In this season of life….

I’m no longer afraid to take chances out of fear of failure.

Instead, I’m embracing failure as a part of the process.


I’m no longer holding space for people, places or things that don’t choose me back.

If they don’t want me, I can let it go to allow what chooses me to arrive.


I’m no longer going to exist within my comfort zone.

By choosing to live outside of it.


I’m no longer allowing rejection to hold me back.

But rather as protection from what’s not assigned to my destiny.


I’m no longer available to those who don’t give at the same capacity that I do.

And choosing to share my time with those who do…without any hidden agendas.


I’m no longer sacrificing my health for any job, person or lifestyle.

And putting my own health first.


I’m no longer allowing preconceived notions of life milestones to determine my worth.

There are multiple ways to experience life and it’s yours to choose it.


I’m no longer choosing friends who don’t support me.

And allowing life to make space for those who do.


In this season of life…

I’m no longer waiting to begin it….

Because, it’s already begun.

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