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In This Life….

In life….

People will come and go.

For the ones who leave, let them.

For the one that stay, cherish them.

Challenges and setbacks will happen.

Embrace them and grow from them.

They will be your greatest teachers and almost always prepare you for bigger and better things yet to come.

Situations will arise that you cannot control.

But you can always control how you choose to show up and respond to it.

Storms will come and go.

Allow them and endure them.

For the tallest trees have the deepest roots.

You will be rejected from jobs, relationships, and in  other areas of life.

Accept this and know that rejection is protection and redirection to what’s assigned to your destiny.

Beginnings always come from endings.

Accept this and allow for some doors to close to allow for better ones to open.

In life…

We may not always get our goals.

But we always get our standards.

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